Criminal Person and Character Accentuations

XVth Biennal ISSBD Meetings Berne, Switzerland, July 1st-4, 1997

Name: Vasiljeva Nina Vasiljevna
Institutions: Forensic Medical Evaluation of St.-Petersburg;
I.I.Mechnikov Medical State Academy (St.-Petersburg, Russia)
Address: Bolshaja Puchkarskaja 39-11, St.-Petersburg, 197101, Russia

This research is dedicated to analysis of character accentuations in
high-aggressive persons. It is the categories of character accentuations
theory by prof.A.E.Lichko that are the most useful for psychological
investigation and mathematical analysis. Subjicts of this work are 335
criminals (multiple thiefs, sexual sadists, murderers) examined with
psychological and psychiatric experts at Forensic Medical Evaluation of
St.-Petersburg. The methode is clinical psychological appraisal based upon
anamnesis, behavioural reactions, experimental data and clinical conversation.
It was found that prevailing types of character accentuations are histeroid
(11,9%), histero-epileptoid (11,6%), epileptoid (7,9%), schizo-epileptoid
(6,5%), histero-explosive (4,4%), schizoid (3,1%) and schizo-histero-
epileptoid (2,7%). The deductions are: 12 types and 15 mix types of Character
accentuations exist but it is these types which have a considerable influence
upon criminal behaviour.

Submit to: Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello
Department of Psychology, University of Burne
Muesmattstr.45, 3000 Berne 9, Switzerland

Published in: XVth Biennial ISSBD Meeting Abstracts. - Berne, 1997. - 193p. 57:23

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